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About us

Filippo Tito  after his degree in letters he specialized in sociology of communication to the 'La Sapienza "of Rome, with particular attention to the territory (IFTS Course" Tech top of advertising for cultural heritage, monuments and for local services " ) and sustainable tourism (Master in  management of sustainable and responsible tourism  to the Research Center Alba Longa, Rome). For several years he was mechanic in a officine for bike, has made several trips by bike. In the summer of 2007  he managed "La Locanda dell'Orso", a hostel of the town of  Cervara Simbruinis inside the Simbruinis Park, working on reception and support cyclists. He has worked in Ireland, with the government agency "Greenbox".This Agency provides management support services for a network of companies of accommodation in the  Leitrim region . For several years has begun a study of the possible cycling routes in the  Alta Murgia National Park, mapping about 350 km of gravel road.


We worked in partnership with the "Centro Studi Torre di Nebbia"" based in Altamura.
The Center born in autumn 1988, following a long dispute against military ranges, with plans to build a permanent observatory on the area inside the South,  to identify lines driving a policy of protection and promotion of its history and its environment.


 Azienda Agrituristica Il Pino Grande
 Azienda Agrituristica Coppa
 Azienda Agrituristica Tenuta Pedale
 Masseria Protomastro
 Agri Biologica Murge
 Masseria La Calcara

Associazione Ra-Dici , Via Madre Anna Ventura n.47 -70059- Trani (BT)
For information write to
Telephone: 3389881731
Winner of the" Princi Attivi" competition - Local governement Youth policy