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  The caves of the Pulo in Altamura
  The “grotticella” tomb of Casal Sabini
  The “Pisciulo” village
  The necropolis of San Magno
  The Castigliolo houses
  The Botromagno site
  Paladini Dolmen
  “Forno” caves
  Archaeological National Museum “G. Jatta”
  The “grottelline”
  The cave of the Dinosaurs
  The archaic man of Altamura

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The Alta Murgia

Archaeological sites

The “grotticella” tomb of Casal Sabini

In 1957, on the county road SP 235 Altamura- Santeramo, at the 9,5 km, into the property area of the City Museum Archive Library of Altamura, it was discovered this tomb from the old Bronze Age. Behind a chalky stone, they were buried 16 bodies with a mortuary equipment of bowls and the famous “Globuli” bone made of ovine bones which function is still unknown. In the same area have been found also other Peucetii tombs from the VI century.
All the rests are visible in the national Archaeological Museum in Altamura.

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