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The Alta Murgia



The typical conformation of the Alta Murgia makes almost impossible the presence of surface waters, infact, like a big sponge it soaks up and leads them to the system of groundwater.  In this way, a selective climate in an area unfit to the sprouting of tree species, impose a shrubby type of vegetation.

Now, the north ��" west Murgia has the largest extension of spontaneous vegetation of Italy and is the ever last example of Mediterranean steppe. All around the region dominate the micro sceneries of the lichens, the mosses, and the grass steppe. It’s easy to find out many species, of several genres and families, which during the alternation of seasons, follow one another in an explosion of colours. Among them there are the “stipe”(Stipa tortilis, Stipa austro italica, e Stipa pennata) or feather grass, which cover the more sterile and stony lands, and large sweeps of asphodels; in spring plenty of wild orchids (Ophryis mateolana) grow in the pastures; only in some portions of the fields there are trees and in particular the “perazzo” (Pyrus amygdaliformis).

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