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The Alta Murgia

Geological history of the Murgia territory

Geological  history of the Murgia territory

The geomorphologic history of the Alta Murgia began 130 million years ago, when the land that was under the clear and calm sea, started to come out pushed by the pressure of the plate tectonics. The process, still in action, made the land emerging, following the line of the Apennines, to  which the Gargano, the Murgia and the Salento are the direct extensions. (this is visible looking down on  the morphology of the Apulia).These three parts, respectively of different height, are divided by two large plain lands: the Tavoliere delle Puglie (which extends in the whole province of Foggia) and the Piana Brindisina.

The Alta Murgia is the highest portion of the territory. At the north-west are located the sites of Monte Caccia (679 m) and Torre Disperata (672 m), while in correspondence of the cliff, just over the Bradanica deep, some parts reach 100 m of height. The slopes descending south towards the Adriatic sea and the city of Santeramo are more gentle.

  • Cavone
  • lama
  • lama
  • cave di bauxite (Spinazzola)
  • Cavone
  • cave bauxite (Spinazzola)
  • cave bauxite (Spinazzola)
  • cave bauxite (Spinazzola)
  • cave bauxite (Spinazzola)
  • cave bauxite (Spinazzola)

Download:     Storia geologica del paesaggio murgiano  (.pdf / 295,99 Kb)

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