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The Alta Murgia

local food & drink

Brains dish from Toritto Brains dish from Toritto
Sausage of  ram bowel made of goat, swine and bovine meat with pepper, garlic, basil and cheese.

Extra virgin olive oil Extra virgin olive oil

Protected Denomination Origin “Terra di Bari”

Horse meat Horse meat

Santeramo is a city which is famous for its meat shops that cook and serve not only horse meat. Close to each shop there is a place where you can eat a complete dinner called “fornello”

Mozzarella “fior di latte” of Gioia del Colle Mozzarella “fior di latte” of Gioia del Colle

PDO and IGT wines PDO and IGT wines
Localty of creation: Gravina, Gioia del Colle and Castel del Monte

Podolica meat Podolica meat

It has got the PDO brand “5R”

Roulade of lamb (Gnumerìdde) Roulade of lamb (Gnumerìdde)

Sheep cookend into the “Rezzàule” Sheep cookend into the “Rezzàule”

It is a very typical way of cooking: an earthenware amphora cooked in the oven with the wood.

Stewed lamb with vegetables Stewed lamb with vegetables

In Gravina is called Calarìdde and it is famous in almost all the city of the territory where is known as Cutturìdde.


The “Cicerchia” (Lathyrus sathivus)
It is a grain shaped legume similar to the chickpea plant; when cooked  it has the taste of peas and broad beans.

The “Mandorlaccio” of Ruvo di Puglia The “Mandorlaccio” of Ruvo di Puglia

It is a dessert without flour and it contains honey, eggs, butter and almonds. The final product is completely covered by white chocolate.colato bianco.

The “Pzzntell” and the “Marro” of Gravina in Puglia The “Pzzntell” and the “Marro” of Gravina in Puglia

The first is a pork salami while the second is a lamb giblets rolling.

The Cardoncello (Pleurotus Eryngji) The Cardoncello (Pleurotus Eryngji)
It is a type of mushroom that since the past is present on this territory. It is quite aphrodisiac and for this reason the Church ordered for its elimination

The Muscari from Poggiorsini The Muscari from Poggiorsini
It is a wild onion lightly bitter, which can be eat both raw, into salads, or cooked and tossed with oil like starters.

The PDO Apulian basket cheese The PDO Apulian basket cheese
It can be found fresh, semi-mature and mature

The PDO bread and the focaccia from Altamura The PDO bread and the focaccia from Altamura

The bakeries in Altamura sell such a tasty product that the famous multinational food company MacDonalds closed one of its shop.

The sugared almond from Andria The sugared almond from Andria
One of the local most famous type of sugared almond are the “tenerelli”, unfailing sweet on our tables during Carnival.


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