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The Alta Murgia

The importance of the water

The importance of the water

The water represents a very important element in the Alta Murgia: the karstic conformation of the territory and the lack of the rainwater justified the absence of water courses on the ground, even if the presence of some sources in the past is recognizable from the names of the places (Acquatetta, Pantano, Torrenti di Pisciulo). Since then the man has tried to keep the rainwater for his need using some constructions invented for this purpose: the “votani”, the “neviere”, the “piscine” and also the roof of the houses. They are still used in the countryside, while the water arrives in the centres from the Sele river through the longest aqueduct in the world: the “Acquedotto Pugliese”.

  • neviera
  • votano
  • piscina
  • neviera
  • votano
  • bacino carsico
  • antico fontanile a Gravina in Puglia

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