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The Alta Murgia

The traces of the Cold War

The traces of the Cold War

Between the 1957 and the 1963, the period of the Cold War, all Italy and in particular the territory of the Alta Murgia had a fundamental role for the maintenance of the international stability.
In 1959 there was an agreement with the United States which decided for the installation on the territory of the Murgia of 30 nuclear warhead (Juppiter) pointed to east against the Soviet forces. These rocketry bases were the only defensive point with the Turkish one, and they had a very important role during the famous crisis of Cuba. But in 1963 they were dismantled after the agreement of the October 28th 1962 between the President Kennedy and Khrushchev: that was the symbol of the reached peace.
The image below shows the perspective of one of the ten triangular platforms located on the Murgia territory, in particular the one in the countryside between Poggiorsini and Spinazzola.

Download:     Le tracce della Guerra Fredda  (.pdf / 204,14 Kb)

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